Public House


The variety of beers that you can taste during your stay at The shakespeare.

Estrella Galicia

A bright golden beer that starts from a selection of particularly bitter malts and hops and its cooking, fermentation and maturation process takes place over more than 20 days. This makes this beer have a pleasant and characteristic hop flavor.

Old Speckled Hen

A high proportion of Crystal malt in Old Speckled Hen provides the key toffee / caramel flavor.

The yeast used to ferment the beer provides the other key character: estery or banana / drop pear.

This emery note provides the fruity and refreshing balance. The hops used add a herbal note of cleansing the palate and very mild orange citrus. A very malted ale, with body and warm-up.


All a declaration of intentions of the brewers of the Brew Dog house, an Indian pale ale very aromatic and intense in citrus, vegetable flavors and with a good degree of bitterness. «You may not like it, but that was not the goal either.»

The Brew Dog Punk IPA has a somewhat pale golden color with a long, thick, creamy, thick white foam.

The aroma is fruity with the presence of citrus, caramel and syrup.

In the flavor we confirm the citrus aroma, although balanced by the presence of malt resulting in a tasty and refreshing beer.

Reserva especial 1906

Aromas of roasted malt with soft notes of caramel and coffee, with slight floral and herbal nuances.

In the mouth, roasted sensations predominate, with a warm and friendly warmth being perceived with each drink.

Beautiful amber color. Clean, bright and abundant white foam.


Soft aroma with notes of coffee and malt. Perfect balance of bitter and sweet with malted and roasted nuances. Of a black color with a generous layer of creamy foam.


It is a wheat beer, blond in color with a slight turbidity, of abundant white foam that disappears leaving a light foam cover, with 5.3% alcohol by volume. Its aroma stands out for hops, yeast, fruit and citrus notes.

Its flavor is sweet, little bitter, good body and harmonic aftertaste, it has a sweet, rich and complete finish.

Stowford Press

With a pale straw color, bright and a fruity aroma. It is a medium-dried foamy cider that refreshes with the delicious taste of apples.

Brugse Zot

A golden blond beer with an alcoholic graduation of 6%. The beer is made with four different types of malt and 2 aromatic varieties of hops.